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grzybobranie - 2010
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - ok. 8 km
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - bezpośredni kontakt z dzikimi zwierzętami
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - wilki
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - wilki
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - majestatyczny łoś
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - łoś
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - wilki
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - wilki
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - wilki
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt - łoś
Kadzidłowo-park dzikich zwierząt- łoś
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muzeum mazurskie owczarnia 640x480
park linowy - 4
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park linowy
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a fortification site located picturesquely among lakes taking the area of 100 hectares. Nest to the fortres there is the Hill of Saint Brunon from Kwerfurt where one can admire the magnificent view of Niegocin lake.

the Teutonic castle which now consists of the museum and the fortified gothic church of Saint Jerry from the 16 century.

including the " giant" bunker, of the same type as the one Adolf Hitler stayed in during the Second World War. The bunker were made open for sightseeing olny on 2003, for the first time after 1945.

a well preserved gothic bishop castle raised in 1350 - 1450. There is a gotic ( hall-like) church and a bridge from the 16 century next to the castle.

is the biggest attraction of the town of Elk. The narrow gauge railway station hosts the Railways Museum.

this Sanctuary devoted to the cult of the Virgin Mar from the end of the 17 century is a wonderful Baroque architecture complex, one of the most famous in Warmia and Mazury. During the summer season every Friday the Holy Lipka Musical Evenings are aorganized featuring the outstanding national and foreign organists and the vocalists famous all over the world.

"At the Commander of the Order of Teutonic Knights" - fight, competitions, knights`games, dances, revels with music. Old Polish clothes and cuisine make all guests feel authentic climate of the Medieval Ages.

he park consists of 60 lakes including the biggest lake in Poland- Sniardwy and the river Krutynia which is considered to be one of the most interesting canoeing trails in Europe.

in the building consisting of 8 rooms, constructed in the middle of the 19th century, there is a collection of interesting austhentic and incredible objects of the Mazurians everyday use and the interiors of their houses.

form the middle of the 19 cetury - located next to Ruciane Nida is an interesting evidence of the north-eastern Poland`s religious and ethnical mixture.

the palace and park complex, the former palace of Lehndorff Family. It consists of the 16 cetury palace with the oak alley, tea shops, the ancestral chapel and mausoleum from the year 1858.

this is the pyramid-tomb of the Farenheid Family which was raised in the beginning of the 19th century.

the ruins of A. Hitler`s war qarters are located 8 kilometers north-east from Ketrzyn in Gierloz. Generally, there are 80aobjects to bee seen among other things seven heavy bunkers where the walls were 4-6 meters thick.

a Teutonic castle from the end of the 14th century, reconstructed many times. Nearby the castle there is a Folk Culture Museum with rich ethnographic and archeological collections, as well as a Skansen Museum.

is a place where in conditions very close to natural one ca have a close look at wild animals of Mazury ( approx. 100 species), ancluding very rare ones, such as lynxes, wolves, otters, eagle owls, wood grouses...

Distances from GuestHouse Cyklada

  • 800 m – bicycle rental shop (a few bikes to rent),
  • 800 m – indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a swimming pool with artificial wave can be found in the nearby hotel,
  • 800 m – saunas,
  • 800 m – biological renew,
  • 800 m – ice-ring,
  • 800 m – salloon of games,
  • 800 m – discotheque,
  • 800 m – helicopter and balloon flights,
  • 200 m – cart ride (storytelling about surrounding fauna and flora – if you wish),
  • 1500 m – golf,
  • 800 m – horse riding,
  • 800 m – shops and restaurants (the center of Mikołajki),
  • 100 m – the nearest water sport equipment rental shop,
  • 100 m – the Mikołajskie Lake water edge,
  • 1000 m – the museum of history and reformation of Polish land with ineresting display concerning life and culture of people inhabiting Mazury Region,
  • 3 km – extemigly precious nature reserve “Lukajno Lake” – the most numerous in Poland and Europe colony of swan – ornithological reserve, signed by UNESCO on the list of biosphery reserves in 1976,
  • ~10 km – canoeing trip down the romantic river Krutynia,
  • 15 km – deer farm near Mrągowo,
  • 22 km – T-bar ski lift (Mrągowo),
  • 22 km – The Festival of Country Music in Mrągowo,
  • 87 km – Olsztyn visiting (the old town, the castle),

In the calendar of Polish pemanent cultural events appeared such events as: Mikołajki Days, the Festival of Sailing Song – Shanties, regatta to win the cup of the chairman of Polish Sailing Association, the Championship of Journalists and many others with the participation of famous artists.

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11-730 Mikołajki
Ul. Osiedle Na Górce 17




+48 503 163 913 - I. Jaworska

Access road to Cyklada

If you drive Olsztyn – Mrągowo direction drive to Mikołajki, there is Gołębiewski Hotel on your left side, drive 100 m straight on then turn right into Warszawska Street. Drive past the playground on the left. Ater 100 m turn left. Then you are on the Na Gorce estate. Eskada guest house is number 17. Mikołajki town center – 10 minutes of walking along the lake.

Who asks not stray :)

Please - ask us and we will be happy to answer. We are also cordially invited outside the main season, when Masuria is also beautiful, and the prices of accommodation are incomparably lower.

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